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miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

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The Fashion Institute is a non-credit program with evening and weekend classes offered to individuals to learn the art of sewing, pattern marking and fashion design. Our mission is to preserve the art and craft of fashion design by bringing together the best fashion industry professionals to teach lessons that inspire and educate students, home sewers and the fashion curious, to prepare them for any goal they have such as having their own clothing line, working in the fashion industry or just home sewing for themselves. This 12 course program covers each of the five fashion design disciplines of Sewing, Pattern Making, Fashion Design, Draping and Textiles in order to provide the students with the foundations they need to develop a career in the industry.
Course descriptions
Construction 1: Students will learn all the basic techniques for sewing, hand sewing, machine sewing, seams and seam finishes. Learn the operation and maintenance of sewing machines. Become familiar with vocabulary for sewing.
Construction 2: More advance techniques and details: How to make pleats, darts, facing, zippers and elastics.
Construction 3: Students will be able to learn how to make tops, skirts, sleeves and collars.
 Construction 4: After completing this course, students will be able to make a finished garment, with all the seams and seams finishes of a designer quality garment.
Pattern Making 1: Students will learn how to make a basic sloper from a dress form and how to transfer it onto paper. They will learn to add seam allowances to the patterns and how to take body measurements. They will also be introduced to the pattern-making flat technique. 
Pattern Making 2: Using the flat technique, students will learn how to transform the sloper to different styles and neck lines. They will understand all types of dart manipulations.
Pattern Making 3:  Student will focus on how to make patterns for a skirts, sleeves and collars.
Pattern Making 4: Students will learn how to make princess lines and ¾ dress or sloper.
Fashion Design 1: During this course, students will be introduced to the world of fashion by teaching them how to create a collection and how to follow fashion trends in order to create sellable styles. They will also learn fashion terminology.
Fashion Design 2: Students will continue exploring the fashion industry by learning the circle of design and how the production process works within the industry.
Draping 1: Students will learn how to drape a bodice sloper to a bustier, blouse or dress. Students taking this course will be able to create their designs by draping the fabric on a dress form.
Textile 101: During this course we’ll detail the process from fiber to textile, show the students a variety of samples and dig into the terminology that will deeply improve their understanding as a sewer. We'll start by discussing woven fabrics vs. knit fabrics and how each of these is constructed. Next, we'll demystify the major fiber types through a step-by-step introduction to cotton, wool, silk, linen and their man-made counterparts. During the course they’ll put together a useful swatch kit to reference in the future whenever a little refresher is desired.
 The School of Continuing Education & Professional Development's mission is to make the College more accessible to the public and to meet community needs not served by traditional college programs. We offer non-college credit courses for individuals who want to enrich their cultural experiences or improve their professional or occupational skills. No record of previous education is necessary and there is no homework, attendance requirements or grades for most classes.

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