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lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Spring B schedule is available. Register today!!!

 We are very excited to announce that Miami Dade College, School of continuing Education & Professional  Development, North Campus is offering a complete fashion program .
The Fashion Institute is a non-credit program with evening and weekend classes offered to individuals to learn the art of sewing, pattern marking and fashion design. It mission is to preserve the art and craft of fashion design by bringing together the best fashion industry professionals to teach lessons that inspire and educate students, home sewers and the fashion curious, to prepare them for any goal they have such as having their own clothing line, working in the fashion industry or just home sewing for themselves. This 12 courses program covers each of the five fashion design disciplines of Sewing, Pattern Making, Fashion Design, Draping and Textiles in order to provide the students with the foundations they need to develop a career in the industry.
Courses will target individuals who want to have basic knowledge to do sewing projects or perhaps alterations and to individuals that want do make a clothing line for commercial interest.
 Already Spring A tern started offering 3 courses and we expect more student to enroll for spring B starting March 15 and offering 6 classes.
 The program was created by Ms. Rucht D Oleo, a veteran within the fashion industry, has more than 17 years of experience in pattern marking, sewing and design and alone with other professionals will be teaching and helping the students to archive their goals. Mrs. D`Oleo is also the author of the first book in Spanish about the business of fashion, published last year and used already as text book for many of the fashion schools in Latino America.
“I`m very excited with this project and I`m looking forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge with all the students that enrolled in the courses and workshops”, says Rucht D`Oleo.
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